Nuova Plastiline manufactures plastic materials and packaging suitable for various industrial sectors, using state- of-the-art technological machinery and performing specialized processes and applications .

To offer its customers highly performing, resistant and customized products, the professional and competent staff of Nuova Plastiline carries out applications such as printing Flexographic bags in four or six colors, ultrasonic welding with or without reinforcement, heat-sealing hooks and making adhesive hooks for bags , zipper closure and sliders , holes .

Using special high-tech machinery, Nuova Plastiline flexographic press with four or six colors a wide range of bags in various sizes including bags with polyethylene hooks (PE-LD / PE-HD), bags with polypropylene hooks (PP) , Velcro bags in Polyethylene (PE-LD / PE-HD), Bags with polypropylene reinforcement (PP), bags with zipper closure and polyethylene slider (PE-LD / PE-HD).

Nuova Plastiline, using a highly technological and state-of-the-art machine park, performs ultrasonic welding on plastic materials, such as bags with or without reinforcement in Polyethylene (PE-LD / PE-HD) and polypropylene bags (PP) intended for product display. This particular type of processing is carried out on bags with polyethylene hooks (PE-LD / PE-HD), bags with polypropylene (PP) hooks and bags with polypropylene (PP) reinforcement, products made by Nuova Plastiline for the sector clothing and hosiery. Ultrasonic welding is a special type of processing carried out by Nuova Plastiline which uses ultrasounds to weld plastic materials. Using high-tech welding machines, Nuova Plastiline performs extremely fast welding cycles of plastic material products, even in series.

In response to the display needs of its customers, Nuova Plastiline supplies adhesive hooks to be applied on polyethylene bags (PE-LD / PE-HD) and on polypropylene bags (PP). Furthermore, it also has an assortment of adhesive hooks on rolls for manual application by the Customer. Adhesive hooks for bags are made by Nuova Plastiline in Polyethylene PET and guarantee an excellent resistance, thus facilitating the display of the products in the bags designed by the company for the hosiery and the clothing sector in general.

To guarantee maximum resistance to the weight of bags with polyethylene hooks (PE-LD / PE-HD) and bags with polypropylene (PP) hooks, Nuova Plastiline performs heat-sealing hooks, or a particular type of “hot” welding on plastic materials. Bags with heat-welded hooks hold the weight of the products on display better than bags with adhesive hooks.

In response to the display needs of the apparel industry, especially of the underwear, costumes and underwear manufacturing companies, Nuova Plastiline realizes zipper and slider closures on polyethylene bags (PE-LD / PE-HD). The application of zipper closures and slider closures allows the bag to effectively contain and expose clothing products.

To meet the needs of its customers in the shoe industry, Nuova Plastiline performs different types of drilling, based on the required standards. With the help of special machinery, the staff of Nuova Plastiline realizes anti-suffocation holes and a standard European hole at the request of the customer.

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