Nuova Plastiline is a company specialized in the production of envelopes , bags and bags in Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE-LD / PE-HD) for various types of use and for the most diverse sectors.

The products New Plastiline are intended in particular to footwear , hosiery , companies in the sector clothing , such as knitwear and shirt- , food dealing with product already packaged , Gardening , feed and industrial in general.

Nuova Plastiline manufactures special polyethylene bags (PE-LD / PE-HD) and polypropylene bags(PP) with vent hole for the shoe industry . Nuova Plastiline performs anti-suffocation holes and a standard European hole at the request of the customer. Nuova Plastiline products for shoe factories can be 100% customized on customer request.

Plastic materials made for hosiery are a considerable sector of Nuova Plastiline production. For hosiery the company produces various types of polyethylene bags (PE-LD / PE-HD) and polypropylene bags (PP) and in particular bags with polyethylene hooks (PE-LD / PE-HD) and bags with hooks in Polypropylene (PP). Moreover, for the sector it also produces polypropylene (PP) clamps. Nuova Plastiline also performs operations such as ultrasonic welding on bags with or without reinforcement and produces adhesive hooks for bags intended for product display. All the products made for shoe factories can be customized by Nuova Plastiline staff with particular dimensions or thicknesses and with logo prints, technical data, images and various texts.

Nuova Plastiline produces a wide range of products in plastic materials for the clothing sector with the possibility of maximum customization in coloring, sizes and thicknesses, as well as printing logo, technical information, images and texts provided by the customer. The production of Nuova Plastiline for the apparel sector includes neutral or personalized polyethylene (PE-LD / PE-HD) clothes covers, with straight or shaped cut, but also bags with bellows in Polyethylene (PE-LD / PE-HD), bellows bags in polypropylene (PP), bags with zip closure and polyethylene slider (PE-LD / PE-HD) and bags with polypropylene (PP) zip closure. For the knitwear and shirt industry, Nuova Plastiline produces extra-high-strength polyethylene bags (PE-LD / PE-HD) and extra-large polypropylene bags (PP). Finally, the company makes personalized adhesive hooks on customer requests and performs special processing on envelopes and bags such as ultrasonic welding, full color printing and flexographic printing.

Nuova Plastiline produces envelopes and bags for companies in the food industry that work with packaged, non-bulk product. For food companies that deal mainly with pre-packaged confectionery products, Nuova Plastiline realizes bellows bags in polyethylene (PE-LD / PE-HD) and bellows bags in polypropylene (PP) but also bellows bags with internal polyethylene flap (PE -LD / PE-HD) and gusseted envelopes with internal flap in Polypropylene (PP). Nuova Plastiline products can be customized, on customer request, in color, size and thickness. The company also carries out full color printing and flexographic printing, thus allowing the customization of envelopes with logo, company name, information and technical details, images and various texts.

The gardening sector and the feed sector require larger bags with a higher resistance to loads, volumes and weight. Nuova Plastiline produces gardening bags made of Polyethylene (PE-LD / PE-HD) and polyethylene food bags (PE-LD / PE-HD) that are very resistant and customized based on the weight to be transported, the material to be contained and the dimensions requests; they can also be customized in coloring and in logo prints, images and various texts, technical information.

For the industrial sector Nuova Plastiline produces a wide range of plastic materials and high-performance and resistant packaging. In particular, Nuova Plastiline produces industrial bags in low density polyethylene (PE-LD), industrial polyethylene coils (PE-LD / PE-HD) and industrial polypropylene coils (PP). Furthermore, it produces bags both large and small to hold pistons, iron, metal, bolts, etc.

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