Each Nuova Plastiline project is developed in full respect of the environment that surrounds us, so the company has been pursuing the path of sustainable development for years.

Sustainable development, product responsibility, work safety and quality management are the key points on which our company policy is based.

Sustainable Development

Sustainability means Nuova Plastiline ability to identify in advance any risks and seizing new business opportunities in a continuous improvement logic.

Product Liability

We firmly understand that business performance, social responsibility and environmental protection are closely intertwined. For this we implement a sustainable use of resources in the whole process. All our products are fully recyclable and designed in full compliance with the regulations.

Job security

We carefully select all the raw materials and we keep constantly upgrading our production facilities, for an ever greater respect for the environment around us, but also to ensure our employees a safe and healthy place to work with more serenity.

The Nuova Plastiline commitment to environmental protection

Respectful of the environment and territory.

Our environmental policy illustrates the vision and objectives for the reduction of environmental impacts associated with their activities.

Our intention is to anticipate future developments to establish ourselves in the medium term, as a benchmark in the industry with regard to the management of environmental issues, going beyond compliance with current legislation and sensitizing all business sectors.



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